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I just love your frog! My daughter is terrified of frogs. She had a bad encounter with one when she was about three. I guess I should say she is terrified of REAL frogs, but she loves all other kind.


LOVE the personality my frog has! Made so beautifully!

To this day I still can't get over how you bathed the glad I took the pics :) Love the Benji t-shirt too ;-) Fun memories.


Cute - the frog and the photos. The fact that you're also using a regular spoon to clean the frogs in your cereal bowl cracks me up. And I have to say that afghan makes a perfect photo backdrop!

I Am Art Blog

The frog is adorable but it reminds me of that one I accidentally killed in my garage. Good thing there are photos of mini-Bella to distract me from that memory. You were so cute and SO BLONDE! WTF? I don't think of you being blonde! Or is it blond? I can't even spell it, that's how much in denial I am.

Rana Wilson

Love the frog! My name means frog... :P


Carrie ~ Aw, poor Katie! I never did trust Kermit much. :(

Mom ~ I hope you didn't use that bowl for my Cheerios later.

Tami ~ I hope that spoon stayed outdoors. :-/

Linda ~ Yeah, I'm not joking when I say Clairol isn't a miracle cure for being blonde!

Rana ~ Thanks for dropping in! Hmmm...I've been stuck on what to name her, now I might have an answer. ;-)

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