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Emily's Hats For Hope Initiative

Mission Statement: make, collect and donate winter hats, scarves, afghans & baby blankets to the homeless, working poor & others in need.

Charitable Goal:

1,200 Winter Hats, Scarves, Gloves!

Help make SOLID black, gray, navy, brown, dark green, and red winter hats, scarves and pairs of gloves primarily for men but some can be in unisex patterns to accommodate women.

All items must be suitable for people who are living outdoors in rain and snow.

This event goes from August 6th UNTIL November 1st, 2016

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Let's Talk About Stix

I came up with Stix on the Beach:Tales From The Happiest Hooker in 2005 while living and needle-crafting in Newport Beach (The O.C.!), California.

It quickly gained a following who then abandoned it once it was clear it was not a blog about that kind of "hooker." A few, however, stayed for the crochet tips.

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By the way, this blog is best viewed using a sense of humor.

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