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I Am Art Blog

I LOVE all these squares! I want blankets of everything. I love all these color combos you are coming up with.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your squares! I can't wait to see your blanket.

And your craft room is awesome. Love the big window. I want a room like that.


I love the squares and I love your craft room .Look how neat all the yarn is stacked there. Wish I can come over and crochet with you:) I too make loads of granny squares. Right now I am working on a granny blanket. My friend just told me to pop over here and check you out. loved it already added you to my blog:)


Holy nuts, I love these colors you've got going and really your crafting space is just brilliant!


I love your squares....they remind me of the granny square afghan my granny made for me! I am thinking of ideas for summertime fun. They may never become anything more than ideas though!

Truly Myrtle

I am so loving your squares - my stash isn't as muted though - I don't know what I'd come up with :)
And, look at your sewing room! So neat and organised and clean...I have a corner in the playroom...not so calm!


Oh my goodness, these squares are lovely! The colours, the white border, everything is great. They look worth the time you put into them. Also, loved the peek of your crafting space - beautiful pictures.


I LOVE the organization of your crafting space. It's so tidy and visually stimulating! It also reminded me of my former intense desire to own a vintage train case... I"m headed to ebay before I forget. :-D


LOVE your workspace, I want one !!
I am also getting addicted to granny squares and love your colours.


Just seeing your granny squares makes me want to dig out a crochet hook and yarn! Inspirational pictures and post, indeed. :)


Linda ~ Thanks! And your candy wrapper idea had me contemplating the colors on the Mother's Cookies bag. Thanks.

Isaida ~ Thank you! Yep, I love my cozy crafty corner!

Akhila ~ Thank you so much for dropping by and for the sweet comments!

Ronnie ~ LOL, thank you! I'm sort of shocked that the colors came together the way they did.

Amy ~ Thank you! And I'm so happy it reminded you of your granny's granny square! That's so cool. :)

Truly Myrtle ~ Thank you! But keep in mind that it's just a little corner in a master bedroom -- the corner that stays the most clean and organized. ;-) I was surprised there were enough muted colors in my stash too!

Renee ~ Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind observations. :)

Michelle ~ Thank you! Yes, I am all about visual motivation! I like to keep out and display as much craft-related stuff as possible. And OMG, I need more vintage train cases too.

Knittynutter-Angie ~ Thank you! My little corner has gone through some variations, but I'm liking this current one the best right now. :)

Deedo ~ This makes me so happy! Thank you! :)

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