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I've tried to make a granny square for a blanket and mine never come out. I'm a knitter. I guess I just need to keep trying! Yours look great! Love the colors!


Those granny squares look great, the colors you picked out are wonderful (as are the books you are using for inspiration). I'm also so comforted that I'm not the only person who finds granny squares so confusing, I've been trying to figure them out for about a year. Hopefully it will finally click for me the way it clicked for you.

Marie/Underground Crafter

I love your color inspiration! I had trouble with the granny when I first tried it in 2002 but now I love them too.

Truly Myrtle

Genius! I want that book!
I think Kali is also can't wrap her mind around the awesomeness of that ripple blanket - LOVE!


Liking the color combos a lot! You must be in heaven with the rain, cozily wrapped up in yarn! Wasn't the thunder awesome?


ohhh I love your colour choices, what a great way to use the book!


Completely brilliant use of books for inspiration and I lover the vintage colors!


What a perfect idea!!!


I find these confusing too! I'm using a pattern for my blanket that is more 'turning a circle into a square'that I found in The Happy Hooker.

I love how you find your inspiration in books and films - so I have nominated you for a blogging award, if you will accept it! You can see the details here :)


isaida ~ Thank you! Yes, I hope you keep trying! Once you get the "why" of the granny square stitches, it's so super easy! I'm hoping to do a photo tutorial to explain it. :) OH! I just picked up a really cool book on knitting afghan blocks, I'll be blogging about it soon.

Pumpkin ~ Thanks! Definitely keep trying! Once you "get" the first two rounds, it's a breeze, 'cause you are just repeating round 2 over and over. The trick is understanding the corners -- how, why, and where to make 'em.

Marie ~ Thank you! I love making them too!:)

Truly Myrtle ~ Thank you! This book - or any type of graphic print and/or pattern books really help. And thank you regarding the ripple too! So much fun to make!!!

Christine - Thanks! Yes, LOVED the rain, hail, thunder, and Severe Weather Warnings! :)

Sarah ~ Thank you! I love seeing something I like in it and being all, "Oh!Oh! I have those yarn colors!" :D

Ronnie ~ Thank you very much, my dear! Yes, totally love the vintage colors -- especially the aqua, brown, pink and yellow combo.

Jeannie ~ Thank you! This is a cool book 'cause the color spectrum is so wide. :)

Faye ~ Ohmygoodness! Thank you so much! It's an honor just to be thought of! xoxox!

Cupcake Diaries

The way you pick your colors absolutely makes me smile!


Cupcake Diaries ~ Awesome! Thank you! There are times when the infinite number of color combinations is just too overwhelming, and this is a fun way to not have to think about 'em too much and just get to crocheting! :)

Fran/Blue Gal

Love your inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing that.


Fran ~ Thank you! I'm so excited that it has inspired so many who come check out the post!


I just love that you did this!


Kevin ~ Thank you! I'm so thrilled you came upon this!


Love the pics! I also love the vintage inspiration and color combos :)

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